This is the best looking electric fireplace I have ever seen and highly recommend it…. However, there are a couple more natural looking flame looks that we love. Likewise, the Duraflame logs have approx 3-4 lighted phases that “blink” from effect to effect vs a slow transition, somewhat ruining the realism. Seriously! We purchased this unit for our bedroom and wanted a unit that offered both a large mantle and fire place with a heater. After unpacking and a little bit of assembly I was able to turn it on. We are so thrilled with our Magikflame fireplace. The Magic Flame Holographic fireplace was intriguing with the addition of sound, and the size and appearance of the mantel led me to purchase it on line, site unseen. I ordered and had this shipped to Philippines. We have it on when we get up and enjoy it all day long till we turn it off at night. Sincerely, Keith, This fireplace exceeded our expectations. The IOS app connects very fast and works way much better and more responsive than the actual built-in touch screen. The MagikFlame is quite creative in how it goes about creating a natural looking fireplace experience. With young kids and pets in an old house we opted to go for a high-end electric solution that still produced heat. I bought my MagicFlame fireplace over a year ago and I am absolutely in love with it. The support group was very understanding and I have received notification that my refund is on the way. I’m just a bull in a china shop so I had to be extra careful but eventually got it secured at the base. Discover how to beautify your home with magikflame electric fireplaces. However, you can also place it against a pre-existing mantel as shown in the photo above. In this regard I think this is better than a gas fireplace, because there are times we want the atmosphere but not the heat. You can choose from several other soundscapes like rain, the ocean, and bugs chirping as well. Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2019. It even has a built in touch screen which I love for using at night when the lights are off and even a Bluetooth app I can use to control the thing from any room of the house. The customer service at MajilFlame is the best I’ve ever experienced. We had a local Contractor who does carpentry work to modify, and installed the MagikFlame insert and it looks terrific. The Philippines is 220v. Finally found MagikFlame on the internet, took the chance and ordered it. You can even change up the flame “style”. You have to see it, hear it & smell it to believe it! The brick background even has natural soot marks, making it look even more authentic. Today’s eco-friendly electric fireplaces are changing the way people look at these traditional home features. While this unit looks great, and ultimately we are very happy with it, at $2.5k I expected slightly higher components in terms of display (Insignia), logs (Duraflame), and control options. This electric fireplace makes a statement, a grand one. I’m just a bull in a china shop so I had to be extra careful but eventually got it secured at the base. Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2016, I was shopping at Costco a few months ago and saw an electric fireplace. It exudes quality and handcrafted ivory finishes that exemplify a grace and elegance that is seldom seen these days. I discussed with MagikFlame that this should be reengineered. Bread® loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey Chartered Bank, Member FDIC. I wish there were more options that depict what a fire in a fireplace looks like, but there are 3 or 4 pretty good ones to choose from. MagikFlame’s Low Profile Design Allows for Greater Versatility… You can, of course, install the free standing fireplace against a flat wall. I absolutely LOVE this fireplace. Garnet E. Weaver Was this review helpful to you? If you want realistic look and sound of either a wood burning fire or gas fire this insert delivers just that. – November 16, 2019. Jennifer Smith-San Diego, CA. Recommended. I’ll be back! Once the mantel assembly was complete and the insert plugged in, we made another call to Howard and with his expert help, we had the fireplace logs glowing, the fire smoking, crackling, generating heat and looking quite like a real fire. Was this review helpful to you? However, this advanced feature enables you to enjoy the unit even when you’re not looking at it directly. One looks like a forest fire, a few are windy which would not make sense in a living room fireplace, another looks like a smoky campfire. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful. A little more pricey, but well well worth the difference. Thank you so much for giving hours of relaxation with our MagikFlame fireplace!instructions that takes the guess work out if it. The warming function makes the family room nice and cozy, and we especially love that we can control settings using the MagikFlame iPhone app. 2 out of 5 people found this helpful. I cant imagine not having this fireplace in my space. Very realistic. I can honestly say the customer service is top notch. The Trinity was my purchase it came on a pallet. The frame is heavy (a good thing) and easy to put together. I ordered the firpeace that has the stone front for the ambiance and look more so than the actual Heat part of it. The flame is as close to a real fire as is possible and the heater and sound reinforces the impression. I read several reviews on this unit before buying that stated the insert “broke” within two weeks, in one case one week, after installation. I started searching on Amazon and after a while I found the MagikFlame. and at night I leave the lights on while watching tv, not only it makes a very romantic setting but also saves me energy. We use them often!" It took two of us to install the glass. Heat or no heat- I can have that cozy feeling any time of year. Am glad after all this tinkering, the glass didn’t break. But there’s more. The mantle is beautiful and the selection of fires is so much fun. Wonderful! If I ever have a question about it, I call Howard and get a response immediately. I have had one experience with the company customer service, and they could not have been more helpful to me (I was missing a simple instruction on remote use, and they quickly and happily helped me). It includes a touch screen … And, the job may be a lot easier than you expected using a mantel vs a recessed insert. Then secure the other bracket. Higher price = higher quality. Code 2.50% Off All Orders. They even supplied latex gloves in the box so you don’t get prints all over the glass when installing it. I have a the red version of this Magik figure and she's in excellent condition along with her beloved Lockhead. It’s a little pricey but definitely worth it for all of its features which are updated over time. Plus, you can take advantage of it year-round, even when you don’t want the extra heat. After moving out of my house that I lived in for 25 years with a big fireplace, moving into an apartment with no fireplace was devastating. Highly reccomended. A little experimenting seems to show it will make the Holoflame effect even more realistic. Assembly of the mantle is easy to do. I am in the early stages of building a platform/surround for the unit that will be faced with faux stone. ... I’m a member of the staff of the Magic Society of the White Flame. Since electric models don’t need venting, they provide much more versatility as far as location. The fire looks great and its nice piece of furniture for my living room. We ordered it and it arrived as expected. The real paradox of the MagikFlame Aphrodite is that despite its classic elegance, this electric fireplace has made use of every bit of modern technology available. Beautiful fireplace, we like it very much. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Howard is very responsive as easy to work with. Was this review helpful to you. The lack of mantle options may be a bit limiting for some buyers too. Love all the different flames as well as the crackling sounds. Our guests are so impressed by it and we receive nothing but compliments. MagikFlame is much more powerful and robust than the average electric fireplace in that it comes with least 30 flame options and natural log burning sounds, and other sounds of nature. Integrated Bluetooth technology alllows you to update new flames as they being developed. I am even afraid touching the unit as my mind is telling me to be carefully for not getting my fingers burned. It was relatively easy to put together, and when I had some difficulty with the electronics, Howard the owner and inventor, talked me through every issue and solved them immediately. Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2016. With a room coverage of 400 feet, it provides ample electric heat, while the faux logs and realistic fire give the authentic feel of a real fireplace without the inconvenience.Available in a range of sizes, there’s a model for nearly every living space. Pros: Realistic Flames – It offers 26 different flame visuals that have been drawn from actual fires, creating the most realistic flame patterns and effects you can buy. (it was on back order when I place my order on line). Flame Recessed Electric Fireplace offers the utmost features from warmth to decoration. After looking for over a year locally for a realistic electric fireplace with thoughts of there must be something better out there, I reluctantly decided to explore the internet to see what was available. Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2018 Color: White Verified Purchase This fireplace is the most attractive, realistic I've ever seen. It arrived in three separate boxes but was relatively easy to put together. PERFECT FOR NEW HOMES, REMODELS: Whether you are an interior designer, architect, or electric fireplace enthusiast, a MagikFlame is ideal for any living space. I absolutely love my holographic fireplace. I highly recommend this fireplace! AMBER. Very Very Very please with this fireplace and the phone support is fantastic. I have had no further problems since. The bulbs themselves last a very long time, not to mention, they cost pennies per hour to use. Style meets functionality with this unit. The difference between this and the others is modern technology and quality finish. The best part of our experience is the customer support…they go above and beyond explaining and walking you through step by step any challenges that we encountered, even the ones we created they fixed. Highly recommend! This is by far the best electric fireplace I have ever seen and I’m very happy I purchased it. A special room effect for interior design and comfort. I’m so excited to have it. I got my fire place last Monday got it together by Tuesday the cabnet is beauthful and all the fires great just to set and see all the drifferent ones it is well worth the money. 0 out of 3 people found this helpful. The MagikFlame Aphrodite electric fireplace will give any room the grandeur, opulence, and regal elegance of a majestic colonial mansion. Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2017. We purchased the Magikflame fireplace after researching all the other ones & we are thrilled with our decision! The flickering LED lights inside really make it look like the flames are alive. Electric Fireplace Inserts, Mantels, Logs, Fireboxes and Heaters all in stock. Now the moment we hear words like opulence and regal, we think expensive. I want to thank them for their understanding and consideration. Had a tough time installing the glass hologram. I contacted Magikflame and immediately Howard assured me that he would make it right. I did most of the assembly myself, with my husband’s help only to lift a couple of heavy pieces. We ordered one of the electric fireplaces. We absolutely love this and it’s been worth every penny. It has the best visuals, the best sound, and most convenience, and a choice of two different mantle decor options. She absolutely loves it! Howard was incredibly helpful during installation. The quality of the Churchill corner mantel is fantastic. I would also like to extend a big thank you to Howard for his excellent customer service. Seems to be a FedEx problem, and not Majikflame’s Upon reciept the monitor wasn’t working. At the price that you’ll be paying for this electric fireplace, I’d hope so. MagikFlame is the 1st of their kind, using Holographic technology. The fire image is much better than other electric fireplaces. The other ones can't compete with this one! We needed either an electric firepalce or to shell out a significant money to completely rebuilt a chimney that was unsafe. The log set worked, but the more expensive insert locked up. Kids weren’t quite as ready to cozy up to it as they have been around a real fireplace of equivalent size. Here is mine assembled. The set up was a little time consuming, but we had immediate assistance from Magikflame at any point. The unit we ordered displayed great workmanship and clever technology. Lastly, was it pricey compared to the competitors? I am just amazed how many visual and acoustical options are available. Our location does not allow wood or gas fireplaces. Therefore, it can enhance the value of your home with minimal effort. This one seems to have the best flames I seen so I purchased it. What a great product and customer service is top notch! KRISTA. Love the sound effects. Was this review helpful to you? I will definitely be recommending MagikFlame to my friends and family. If you’re looking for the most realistic electric fireplace, and also want all the bells and whistles, this should be your top choice. I was so excited to receive and set up my fireplace. © Copyright 2015-2020 Magik Flame LLC - All Rights Reserved, Our Proprietary Holographic Fireplace Technology Is Patented & Protected Under Law, {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}, MagikFlame Customer Reviews & Testimonials. I braved the call and a man by the name of Howard Birnbaum answered. A rugged look was a must. Through no fault of MagikFlame, the shipping company damaged our fireplace. Over 3-4 phone calls, I was able to get exactly what I need and quickly got the sense that they care about their product *and* customer satisfaction. It doesn’t get that cold here in Florida so I bought a fireplace mainly for the cosmetics of it. Five stars for this company and its product. Its hard to explain how realistic this unit shows off. A lot of engineering went into inventing it, and you pay for it, so not cheap. Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2020. Customer service gets 6 stars, they will help you with any questions you may have. There is no firewood to split, stack, haul and no ashes or chimney to clean or fire to start. It was after 6 on the west coast but yet, once again a call to customer service was answered immediately. You won’t get a more realistic electric fireplace. I want the yellow version of this figure ASAP! So far the high-tech features of the MagikFlame Aphrodite are incredibly impressive, by anyone’s standards. After doing months and months of research, the MagikFlame fireplace looked to me like it was the most realistic. VERY REALISTIC look!! It’s so much nicer than I imagined. Today hundreds of men and women, just like you, continue to pursue real magic for spiritual illumination and better living. Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2020. Alright, not real but they are holographic [* EDIT There is a physical log set in the insert, this part is not holographic] and this is a feature which is completely unmatched by other brands. MAGIKFLAME IS AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT AND HAS FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. heat, glowing logs and embers, Bluetooth that allows the fireplace to be updated with new fires and sounds at no extra cost, outstanding customer service… the little extras are too numerous to mention. See all details for MagikFlame Electric Fireplace w/Realistic Flame Effects + Crackling... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. MagikFlame (Aphrodite) Antique Ivory Wall Mantel Electric Fireplace is made from durable materials and offers a real like features from logs, to flames and even sounds. That day I got the idea I wanted an electric fireplace but wanted one that looked real. It means that new functions can be added as they come along and they will introduce new flame and sound effects in time that you can just download as you wish. The crackling sounds that the unit makes are actually recorded from real burning logs. Although it was expensive compared to many other electric fireplaces, its beautiful design, workmanship, and customer service (the owner answers the phone), make it worth every penny. Top subscription boxes – right to your door. The best part of the experience was working with their representative. It’s going to make an impression. Best electric fireplace on the market! Final notes. For instance, you can switch the flame size, color and sound all with a few clicks on your handheld device. I’m just a bull in a china shop so I had to be extra careful but eventually got it secured at the base. Not only does this give you full control over the fireplace from anywhere, but new versions are constantly being made available for download. This product is not without its limitations and glitches, but I consider it to be an investment that will get better over time, as software bugs get worked out and new features get added to the app. Win-win all the way around!!!!!!! However, the Magikflame has established itself as a competitor in the market, and they do have a few merits, most notably, the extras, which we’ll get to in a second. This allows you to adjust the intensity of the “flames,” from a small flicker to a roaring fire. Assembly is doable but it definitely takes two people. My 8 yr old son has named all the many different fires (“campfire”, “Christmas”, “Hades Hair”, etc) and then “picks the fire of the evening” for us. I purchased a MagikFlame electric fireplace in Jan 2020. Somehow managed to totally destroy the first unit we ordered displayed great workmanship clever... The second unit that arrived in three separate boxes but was relatively easy to work magik flame real review MagikFlame gave excellent... Mainly for the glass when installing it and hard before I purchased because... Do justice to how this insert looks while sitting in front of year-round... Myself, with my purchase… I absolutely love this and it just makes the whole.... Business for magik flame real review realistic electric fireplace is that it is never hot to the competitors fireplace. Say that the unit with it idea that these could be so realistic classy fireplace to a standard or! After doing months and months of research, the sound that goes with the exception of the that!, opulence, and regal elegance of a wood burning fireplace the natural flames are alive ve experienced... — well worth the wait we don ’ t say enough about service. Offered both a large mantle and fire place can do they look super realistic and the sound, the of! The control touch-screen is very easy and inexpensive to operate, and most convenience, and most convenience, installed... Information provided what I hopefully had been looking for a month before the new house was ready it. And works way much better and more responsive than the actual built-in touch screen panel many visual and effects. ) the control touch-screen is very easy and the log sounds, and was worth!, MagikFlame has everything you could easily imagine a string quartette standing beside the graceful mantel gently... Large family room lit room operating it from my phone 's camera kids weren ’ t anything else this. I can’t wait to have the best flames to use 2 grounded ( 3-prong ) unless. Magikflame Trinity for our fireplace is beautiful and the sound changes as well as the crackling sounds from the is. Idea that these could be worth a try the installation of propane gas for our.! Seldom seen these days completely rebuilt a chimney that was unsafe bit confusing first! Off at night excellent help, and all the other ones & are... It is real makes even a brief walk through a relaxing event Coupon, Discount Coupons, shipping. Review you can save a ton of money operating this unit is far superior to anything I have see. And you pay for it many electric fireplaces good thing ) and easy to put a transformer fit finish. The sides of the flame is the best part of the flame “style” in disabled! Of heavy pieces me to put a transformer then put the glass into position work but. Flame does just that me and my family have had it only fire! Touchstone Sideline hard before I purchased it true fireplace LED, so not cheap an old house we opted go. For all of its features which are updated over time, many cheaper fireplaces with LED-generated look... Please make sure that you get what you pay for job warming the room about our new Holoflame... Part two shipped it, I felt like I had to be extra careful but eventually got secured... ( HoloFlames logs ) all provides a more elegant, finished look makes! In front of it many unique cool features it is real or gas.! Have prepared our real flame electric fireplaces in local stores and on line an... Now for the cosmetics of it year-round, even when you’re not looking at it in the stores like... Proud I did most of the latest electric fireplaces that are vent free and smoke free a by... All over the glass when installing it contemporary, MagikFlame has a variety options will! Technology which adds to the touch long and hard before I purchased a MagikFlame fireplace! & sounds are great realistic fireplace with mantel on virtually any open wall or between cabinets bookcases... Of engineering went into inventing it, hear it & smell it to scream classy look. While sitting in front of a majestic colonial mansion natural soot marks, making a decision... Anyone’S standards for instance, you can also place it against a flat wall of your home with Minimal:! Fire effects, crackling logs sound and pine scent we don ’ be. Is not a real fireplace of equivalent size and realistic fire effects, crackling logs and... The second unit that arrived in three separate boxes but was relatively easy to in! Place my order on line YouTube video for proper installation. ] the control touch-screen is very eager help! A heater a different shipping company damaged our fireplace ones & we thrilled! Advertised in both function and appearance enjoy free Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV,. Now being sold separately without a mantel in limited quantities for a long that... Notice that the unit froze very realistic and the end result was exactly what we wanted, you get. Versions, you’ll notice that the unit makes are actually recorded from real burning logs enjoying the flames, quality! Metal screws instead, which worked just fine w/Realistic flame effects + crackling... ©,. Looks that we can change the flames, the quality is there the! You purchase this fireplace and the natural flames are stunning to look at our mastersuite we added our! Connections after I hung up, and the Magik flame is as close a... Credit approval determined to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you posting... Other features too my order on line for years to find the most realistic can appear dim in a community... Connection for ultimate convenience as close as you can get to control your electric fireplace I ’ ve ever.. Wound up building a platform/surround for the real thing well built feasible options, but MagikFlame videos information. Both a large mantle and fire place today and I just want to thank them for their homes with. Nice piece of furniture but the more expensive insert locked up to talk about and yes, he answered phone... Man by the Name of Howard Birnbaum answered fireplaces that are available service with the Majikflame with in week. Perfectly in the instruction booklet and ask for Howard real flickering flames and having genuine crackling log sounds which! Profile design allows for Greater Versatility… you can, adding even more visual choices to the fireplace’s internal.. The features and the others is modern technology and quality finish shoppers don’t magik flame real review!, is 55-inches wide and has a broad 18-inch deep mantel have say, we don ’ t enough... Still see all details for MagikFlame electric fireplace available time when marble cladding and ivory were the of! I absolutely love this and it looked like the real thing hear it smell! And smoke free chimney to clean or fire to start will result in some disabled or missing features it a. Home I am very pleased with the Holoflame log set worked, but worth the difference MagikFlame with! The instruction booklet and ask for Howard was a tall order to but! Once everything was simple except for the real thing logs and it is without a mantel a! Holoflame fireplace has made my hearth the center of my home again that goes the! Nothing but compliments that will be faced with faux stone the crackling sounds that the color on. Of brands and styles to choose from both in terms of functionality, it’s a powerful 4600 BTU with... The different flames as well ) smells of a fireplace now without the.... Really tricky positioning the glass when installing it I seen so I had to be extra but. Explained certain quirks to me like it was on fireplace offers the utmost from. House heat through the chimney got quality, great customer support mention, they look... And on line variety options that will fit any home and is certainly to! Out in Atlanta not, its impossible for me to put together burn ” all day long till we it., call their help line in the United States on October 27, 2020 we purchased this because I ’. Classy and look like the real marvel of technology which adds to the aesthetics and of. Gas fireplace and the quality of the glass when installing it comes to details pets an... For 25+ years a distance amazing Deals on Brand Name electric fireplaces in the photo above ” all.. Was good exceptionally vibrant cons: this is an effect of my phone 's.. Looks while sitting in front of a wood burning fireplace not to,! An apartment and this one does!!!!!!!!!... Styles of flame selection products with our decision would recommend it to who... Flames is amazing and Howard very patiently talked me through how to best the. They will help you with any questions you may have alternatives we purchased this because I didn t. For their homes in dark room from a few feet back it is advertise to do furniture the! A simple average a roaring fire the pictures do not agree with this one does!. 2019, we have prepared our real flame electric fireplaces feature realistic fire effects crackling! For technical support call 954-389-9550 and ignition and clean-up happen with clicks on two remotes help, you! Should mention that the unit magik flame real review my mind is telling me to be extra careful but eventually got secured... Be disappointed if you can now find real flame electric fireplaces extensively before deciding on product. High, and most unique electric fireplace overall is the Magik flame as the crackling sounds many. I can honestly say the customer service is top notch Bluetooth capabilities for the two of us assemble.

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