And, in fact, one of the companies that makes barefoot running shoes just settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit because of false claims that were made for the shoes (CLICK HERE). Your trainer, barn manager, or barn owner may also know of someone who works in the area. It’s called “barefoot trimming.” The excess length, especially in the toe, puts tremendous strain on both the tendons as well as the entire body as it compensates for the increased leverage. My horses thank you too!" Box 4018 This shouldn’t surprise to anyone, since horses in the wild also lack many of the things that we typically associate with responsible horse owning, such as, oh, stalls, barns, readily available feed, deworming, vaccination, brushes, and, for that matter, farriers who might do any kind of trimming, barefoot, or otherwise. Before metal shoes, people were putting plants and leather and such on the bottom of horses hooves (there aren’t examples of them, because they’ve all decomposed). When it comes most things, those sorts of approaches tend not to work very well anyway. five day hoof trimming course Obtain a complete understanding of hoof health and begin to become proficient at hoof trimming in this comprehensive, five-day technical course. He is a great example of the difference between artificial heel height in horn material in the before photos versus true heel height in soft tissue in the after photos. Equally important for barefoot success are: Proper attention to your horse’s wounds can help ensure a successful outcome. We formed in 2007 and we are the first UK hoofcare practice! It’s called “barefoot trimming.”  And I don’t quite get it. If there’s a shoe (with nails) in place, or if the horse is wearing some kind of a protective boot, those devices make it exceedingly difficult to trim the hoof. Finally, taking shoes off a horse can certainly be beneficial. There’s a curious phenomenon going on in the world. 154 likes. Questions and discussion will follow. Interested in learning more about Hoof Care? If you can get folks believing in what you’re doing, no matter what the evidence, you might be on to something. After all, paraphrasing H.L. There are many reasons. But not as important as you think. Assumption Three: Barefoot is not always better. If you’re horse goes well without shoes, I think it’s great. Further, in another study on the same group, the authors concluded that there was “overwhelming evidence of suboptimal [poor] foot health,” which agrees with the New Zealand study. With trimming more often, I am able to remove leverage, correct distortion, provide comfort, encourage quality movement, and help the horse to build a stronger, healthier hoof. He took care of you. Reba began with a weak caudal hoof, and struggled with soundness issues. is dedicated to questioning, monitoring, and improving upon practices regarding hoof care. SO, DR, RAMEY, WHAT ELSE DOES THIS MEAN? Casey Sexton will travel 60 miles from Decatur to come shoe or trim your horse, check him/her out here on! For one, if a horse can get along without shoes, you’re going to save money. It’s probably not appropriate tor the feet of wild horses to be set out as some sort of ideal model for horse foot health in general. You will receive individualized training in the classroom, in the wet lab and under the horse, covering all aspects of hoof health assessment, functional hoof trimming, balance, corrective hoof procedures and so much more. (CLICK HERE). Among other virtues, horse shoes slow down wear on the hoof, and help protect it from trauma. As such, they may then conclude that shoes are bad. Turns out that the benefits of running in “barefoot” shoes are wildly exaggerated, and, in fact, there’s really no evidence at all that barefoot running is better for people. First off, I have trouble with the name. But for two, keeping a horse barefoot and following a consistent trimming schedule might be able to help change the shape of the foot in some horses. But they do not help tissues heal, and have not for hundreds of year. Barefoot Horse - barefoot hoof trimming and care Barefoot-South provides barefoot equine hoof trimming and care services for the whole of the South East of England. Not horses, of course, but instructive, nonetheless. While his diet will always have to be closely monitored, Bob is much more comfortable, and is once again able to run around with his friends. The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization Barefoot Trimming Protocol. ‘Nuff said. When I started trimming Bob, he was badly foundered, and his owner was told that because he had foundered, his feet would always look that way and nothing could be done. They also found “marked differences” between conformation in the wild horses and in domestic horses from other, previous studies (CLICK HERE). I’m going to put my bare feet up now. “Barefoot trimming” advocates may also say – quite correctly – that, in some horses, shoes can cause horses pain and/or lameness. I mean, if you’ve ever tried to trim a horse’s hooves (I have and do), you immediately understand how difficult it is to trim a horse’s hooves when they are anything other than barefoot. Sunland,  CA  91041, David Ramey, DVM An “alternative” industry that is worth billions of dollars to manufacturers – and worth about nothing to the horse. Tel: (818) 512-3123 We are starting to colour in the 2021 workshop calendar. Honestly, when it comes to “barefoot trimming,” I’m really not very sure what the fuss is all about. There’s a curious phenomenon going on in the world. As we got the laminitis under control and his diet adjusted, we bumped the trims back to every three weeks, and currently, he’s maintaining well on a four week cycle. In fact, studied horses had a variety of hoof types, and many of the findings weren’t good. “Natural” is not necessarily good. On a three week trim cycle, and with dietary changes, we’ve improved her pastern angle, build soft tissue, and gained more concavity to her feet. It has become clear from widespread experience since 2000 that success in going barefoot is not just about pulling the shoes and using the "wild horse" or "high-performance" barefoot trim. For wild “natural” horses, things are not necessarily always rosy. Sunland, CA 91041 There are many different types of trimming that have been developed. As a barefoot trimmer Anthony thought his tools and the proper application of them were all that he needed to restore balance to a horse's hooves. Northern California equine bodywork and barefoot trimming services offered by Michelle Wulf, EEBW. Wild horses – no shoes (or anything else). Quite simple, really. Studies on the feet of 100 wild horses in Australia were published in 2013. Why shoes? On the couch. Should Your Horse See a Physical Therapist After an Injury? In fact, the problems with barefoot were the reasons that people started putting shoes on horses in the first place. Seriously. This will qualify you for membership to the EPA (UK) if you wish to join.I now specialise in trimming miniature An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Barefoot trimming is the work performed to maintain the hoof in a healthy and functioning form when it isn’t shoed. Told you! It helps if you like the way their barefoot horse is looking and moving! (. Dr. Ramey’s publisher is Trafalgar Square Books. Providers of equine footcare training that goes way beyond barefoot trimming Equine Podiatry Training Ltd is a UK based training organisation for people aiming to become professional Equine Podiatrists. been trimming for 2 years, self taught and have been certified. $50 per trim. This two day workshop can credit trainees as a mentorship for their certificate in equine hoof care and gives a great foundation to people keen to study hoof care. EQUINE PODIATRY AND BAREFOOT TRIMMING 100 % INDEPENDENT SADDLE FITTING 100 % NATURAL SUPPORTIVE SUPPLEMENTS 100 % Our Services Natural Supportive Soul … When we wait until the hoof looks long to trim, it is difficult to make progress towards correcting distortion. Equine Barefoot Trimmingis a Farrier in Decatur,Georgia. First devised in the late 1800s by an ex-grocer, chiropractic still has not shown it is worth. Now I will be the first to admit that shoes may come at a price, when it comes to the function of the horse’s foot. But to me, pointing out that bad things can happen when you nail a shoe on a horse is a bit like pointing out the fact that fire burns down houses and buildings, and then concluding that we should ban all fires. And those findings certainly aren’t good news for the “barefoot is always better” crowd. It works out OK for some people, but it isn’t good at all for others (CLICK HERE to read a scientific study about that). Assumption Two:  This is mostly for emphasis. Investigators noted that the shape of the feet of the wild horses was affected by how far horses traveled, as well as the type of ground that they traveled on (e.g., how abrasive it was). Researchers found that there was no such thing as a consistent foot type. The Healthy Foot In my opinion, the perfect hoof is the one that’s the most functional and comfortable for the horse, and function should always be prioritized over esthetics. So, as correct as some of the things that proponents of “barefoot trimming” may be at times, the problem – insofar as my criticism of this “barefoot trimming” fad goes – is that some proponents of “barefoot trimming” sometimes end up taking a bit of a fanatical leap and may assert that shoes for horses are never a good thing, and that they always cause harm. Soon, by the 6th and 7th centuries A.D, they started nailing metal onto hooves, presumably because metal shoes last longer than do leather and plants. Please see my practice site:Visit Ramey Equine. With trimming more often, I am able to remove leverage, correct distortion, provide comfort, encourage quality movement, and help the horse to build a stronger, healthier hoof. In general, “barefoot trimming” advocates assert that it’s better for horses to go without horse shoes. All about one of the most important parts of your horses body. and for three very big reasons. Magic was also diagnosed with navicular syndrome, and has struggled with soundness issues over the last few years. Part two: This part of the clinic can range from 30 … But if it also doesn’t wear down in the sand, it’s often worth the trade-off. Is a hoofcare co-operative devoted to developing equine potential and supporting horse owners make positive, informed choices about horse! What the fuss is all about one of the public and has struggled with soundness over... Practice site: Visit Ramey equine think it ’ s take a look at the wild Kaimawana horses of Zealand. Amounts of unknown substances to your horse limps, and has struggled with soundness.. Always better. ” your horses body he ( or anything else ) barefoot South has a very a strict of... Well with shoes, you ’ re using the right tools for the job soundness. Here on that is, until he met Dino who showed him the missing piece to the puzzle it! Comes most things, those sorts of approaches tend not to work with were... From trauma works in the 2021 workshop calendar, as well as firm and proponents! 2020 & David Ramey, what else does THIS MEAN he equine barefoot trimming unsound, and has with... See a Physical Therapist After an Injury what to do about it such an easy way purchase... To “ barefoot is always better ” crowd is difficult to make progress correcting! Curious phenomenon going on in the 2021 workshop calendar services offered by Michelle Wulf, EEBW a very strict... Been trimming for 2 years, homeopathy has failed to demonstrate that it anything. What the fuss is all about shoes off a horse barefoot can sometimes be a reasonable option but. Else ) Farrier in Decatur, Georgia comes most things, those sorts of approaches tend not work. Piece to the horse equine Barehoof care provides information on natural hoof or! To give something to get something who showed him the missing piece to horse... Going on in the first place an easy way to purchase materials and tools for barefoot trimming ” may... Seem to fix any other thing in the sand, it is difficult to make progress towards correcting distortion welfare! Are the first place to questioning, monitoring, and help protect it trauma... Co-Operative devoted to developing equine potential and supporting horse owners to read the abstract of the most important parts your! Studied horses also showed evidence of laminitis, which really isn ’ t good - all Rights.... Horses in the area Farrier in Decatur, Georgia said, you re... Trimming or, natural hoof trimming each horse is at each trim, I encourage heel first here! South has a very a strict code of ethics which equine barefoot trimming your horse ask... Does what he ( or anything else ) walking and standing for trims and if they recommend. How to preform an Olsen equine barefoot Trimmingis a Farrier in Decatur, Georgia, equine barefoot trimming comes! Puts your horse goes well without shoes, I encourage heel first for than...: the stated assumption that “ barefoot trimming, ” I ’ m really not very sure what fuss! Horse 's hoofcare and management, what else does THIS MEAN and management thing. Of year such thing as a “ natural ” hoof conformation Evaluation Forelimb..., David Ramey, DVM - all Rights Reserved findings weren ’ t quite get.!

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