4.7 out of 5 … Review Database. Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd was founded 40 years ago by engineers. You will receive instructions by email on how and where to return your Seasonic product. Today the Seasonic power supply is the equivalent of high performance, excellence and reliability. Founded more than 40 years ago, the brand has maintained its focus on research development and production of … Seasonic SSR-650PX Focus Plus 80+ Platinum Fully Modular Power Supply - 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing Fan with Premium Hybrid Fan Control - Flat Black Modular Cables - MTBF: 100,000 - ATX 12V - Fully Modular - 10 Years Limited Warranty SKU#: AC13111 Model#: SSR-650PX Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, we export our products from our factory in China to our offices in the USA, Europe, Japan, as well as to other parts of the world. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ © 2020 Sea Sonic. Local distributors reserve the right to reject grey market or cross border products, which were imported privately by the customer, or were sold to the customer in other regions or from other countries, or through an unauthorized channel. Registering via the Seasonic Product Registration Portal allows you to store the proof of purchase of your product directly in the Seasonic database should you need the document to invoke the product warranty in the future. You can find the warranty period on the product package, in the user documentation, or the listing of Corsair warranty periods below. You may be required to include all the original power supply cables with your delivery; this varies depending on the geographic area. In 1981 Sea Sonic expanded into the production of PC power supplies to become one of the first manufacturers in this market. Name of the authorized Seasonic distributor or reseller. All rights reserved. The product is returned to the point of purchase, postage prepaid. Before initiating a warranty claim, please make sure that you have properly connected your Seasonic product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Global Brand Pvt. As a leader in innovation, our company’s main focus is to bring the latest technology at the best possible value to all our customers, who require cutting-edge features combined with market leading performance and total reliability. Product registration does not affect the warranty and its terms. Sea Sonic is a truly global company. The Prime Ultra Titanium Series 1000W 80 Plus Titanium Modular ATX Power Supply from Seasonic is designed to provide high-end systems with clean, continuous power. Seasonic is a premium brand manufacturer of consumer and industrial power supplies with extensive experience in creating the highest quality products. Register Your Warranty. Outside of EVGA's program (where you have to buy basically an extended warranty), they all make you pay for return shipping and have no stated advance cross-ship policy. DO NOT send the product to Seasonic prior to receiving the specific instructions. Seasonic offers transferable warranty for new purchases made on or after September 1, 2012 as long as the product is in its original factory condition and retains all the original factory labels and stickers. Privacy Policy. Should this not be possible then you will need to submit your claim online directly through our website’s RMA link. The Seasonic online RMA procedure is currently available in selected countries only. Sea Sonic’s Warranty covers products against defects in materials or workmanship purchased from an authorized Seasonic retailer from the date of purchase. The product was not purchased on eBay or similar marketplaces. The weather in Singapore in autumn becomes more rainy, which is especially felt in the middle and the end of the autumn, when it rains for a several days. Learn more about Product Registration. Sea Sonic assumes no liability, expressed or implied, for any damage(s) occurring to your system’s components as a result of any mistake or omission during power supply installation or removal, or due to any defect or failure of the product. We continuously seek to create true customer satisfaction by ensuring that all Seasonic partners and end-users worldwide receive the highest quality of service. Please use the original packaging material or the. with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Should I start the RMA with Seasonic or my local shop? The warranty period depends on each respective Brands' policies as they apply to Singapore. Seasonic M12 600W Modular PSU - ** SOLD ** - receipt dated 22 Dec 2008, believe warranty servicing is now taken over by new Seasonic distro Corbell - tip top working condition, no rust on fan grills or anything - complete box packaging with all the cable connectors 2. Our category browser page lets you browse through recent Seasonic reviews, discover new Seasonic products and jump straight to their expert reviews. Warranty claims should be initiated through your regional retailer. Livrare gratuita, rate cu dobanda 0 We apologize for the inconvenience. Soon after, the manufacturing of high quality and performance PC power supplies became the core identity of Sea Sonic. Seasonic also suggest that you first consult your regional retailer, our Troubleshooting Guide and our technical support for possible technical assistance before starting an RMA procedure. Seasonic S12III 650 SSR-650GB3 650W 80+ Bronze ATX12V & EPS12V Direct Cable Wire Output Smart & Silent Fan Control 5 Year Warranty Power Supply 4.7 out of 5 stars 8,336 $109.14 ), 5 years (3 years if purchased before September 1, 2012), 90 days (please read below for exceptions), 7 years (5 years if purchased before September 1, 2012), 5 years(3 years if purchased before September 1, 2012). Seasonic Singapore, Singapore. Our design and engineering team is passionate about creating new solutions that reply to the needs of our customers and connect to the latest market trends. Seasonic is not responsible for packages lost or delivered to an outdated address. You do not need to submit any additional requests or documents. Using the power supply for mining or powering any other electronic systems that are not personal computers will negate the warranty of the power supply. After I responded earlier, I took at look at Antec, Thermaltake, Corsair, Seasonic, EVGA, and Rosewill's power supply RMA policies. If you purchased your power supply prior to this date, and you are not the original owner of the unit, please contact our customer services. All efforts have been made to ensure accuracy of all information provided on this website. The manufacturer warranty is listed under Warranty. The full product Warranty Period is provided for Consumer purchases only; Seasonic retail products purchased by Non-Consumer entities are not subject to the same Warranty Period that is indicated on the product carton and they may not fall under the Seasonic Worldwide Warranty Policy. Plenty of research went into my purchase, and I'm happy with it. Reviews. Lots of modular connection options, so it'll work with most setups. 1. Once the return product is recieved, it will be tested and Seasonic service center will send a replacement unit to you. Seasonic cannot be held responsible for lost packages. Compare top models from Seasonic Philippines such as the M12 620W Psu, and Prime Platinum 850Watts Psu. August 9 – National Day. Write your RMA number on the outside of the box in bold letters. This page is managed by Corbell Technology Pte Ltd, distributor of Seasonic PSU in Singapore. Include all necessary documentation with your sending, including the printed copy of the email that you have received from Seasonic that shows your approved application. Note: Your regional reseller is not obligated to provide guarantee beyond the minimum requirement of the local regulations. According to the European Union Directive 1999/44/EC, resellers in Europe have to provide warranty for a minimum period of two years on the products they sell. Third-party cables might alter the workings and the safety of the power supply. But how does this power supply stack up? Responding to my email requesting an RMA number, a gentleman named Kevin Han from Seasonic's RMA department told me I needed my original receipt in order to perform any warranty work. You may be required to pay all shipping and handling charges, as well as any tariffs, duties, taxes or other fees associated with the shipping of the parcel. [December, 2020] The best Seasonic price in Philippines starts from ₱ 150.00. This Warranty is for Singapore only and applies to Electrical and Electronic Products/Equipment (other than Consumer Digital Video Camera, Digital Still Camera, Lenses, Wearable Camera, SD Multi Camera and Communication Camera) purchased in Singapore … Please refer to the table below for the warranty period of each model. The warranty extension applies to all Prime series PSUs, including those that have already been sold. 10-year warranty is awesome. If you do not recieve a confirmation email within 20 minutes, Seasonic 750W 80 Plus Titanium ATX12V Power Supply with Active PFC F3 SSR 750TD. Incorporated in 1975, Sea Sonic has since maintained focus on R&D and production of quality power conversion products. However, your local reseller may offer additional guarantee based on their own policy. PSUs. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Thank you for buying from Corbell. Seasonic’s new Focus Gold series is here! (Singapore City) Summer Holidays. If the power supply is modified or used in an unusual ambient environment or in any other way that falls outside of the boundary of Intel’s current ATX specification – including cooling requirements, connector configuration and pertinent electrical and signal timing specifications, the warranty might be void. Who is responsible for the shipping cost? About Seasonic History Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd was founded 40 years ago by engineers. Surse Seasonic, reduceri si promotii. Please stay tuned for the upcoming special mining cables. The product was not damaged due to normal wear and tear or acts of nature, such as lightning, flood or fire. Sursa Seasonic 550W, FOCUS PX Series, 80 PLUS Platinum, Full Modulara, ATX v2.4, Eficienta 92%, Ventilator 120mm FDB Bearing, PFC activ în stoc 579 99 Lei (-13%) Buying from Techanic means your product has been automatically registered for you. If you are in doubt, you should always contact Seasonic beforehand to avoid extra shipping charges. Seasonic S12III 500 - Non-Modular PC Power Supply - 80 PLUS Bronze By seasonic 8.9 View Product 8.9 5: Thermaltake Smart RGB 80+ White 500W, Power Supply UK spec, 5 YEARS WARRANTY … Watch this to find out! Since the incorporation of Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd. in 1975, we have maintained our focus on the research, development, and production of high quality power conversion products. The Prime Ultra Gold Series 750W 80 Plus Gold Modular ATX Power Supply from Seasonic is designed to provide high-end systems with clean, continuous power. We, at Sea Sonic, strive to develop long term, reliable relationships with business partners who value our products and share our vision, goals and philosophy. If you purchased your power supply prior to this date, and you are not the original owner of the unit, please contact our customer services. The product’s cover was never removed and the warranty stickers were not broken. Free Shipping for selected products!! Seasonic PRIME Ultra 750W 80 PLUS Titanium Power Supply, Full Modular, 135mm FDB Fan w/Hybrid Fan Control, ATX12V & EPS12V, Poweron-Self Tester,- 12 yr Warranty SSR-750TR Brand: Seasonic 4.7 out of 5 stars 105 ratings Third-party warranties. Buy Seasonic PRIME TX-1000, 1000W 80+ Titanium, Full Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 12 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and High-Performance Systems, SSR-1000TR. If there are any other additional costs for re-directing or re-shipping the sending, the Customer will be responsible to coordinate with the carrier and to pay these additional costs as well. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Seasonic Focus GX-750, 750W 80+ Gold, Full-Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode, 10 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for Gaming and Various Application, SSR-750FX. +88-01729200300 In certain special situations (e.g., cross-border purchases) customers have to first contact their reseller (shop) or distributor for support. After submitting your RMA claim you will be issued a unique RMA number. Corsair provides a warranty for its products, starting from the day of purchase from an authorized Corsair reseller. SEASONIC. Please note: Registration ONLY for local customers with Corbell warranty card; Registration must be done within 14 days of purchase (by mail/online), otherwise, warranty is rendered null and void. What if I bought the power supply from another country? Independent testers, reviewers and editors writing in all languages consistently rank Seasonic products among the best in terms of technology, performance and reliability. You can share the tracking information on your personalized RMA status page to inform Seasonic Service Center of your shipment. Submit an RMA application via our online RMA link after reading the RMA policy. If you have any questions, the fastest and most efficient way to contact the Seasonic Technical Support Team is by sending an email, by filling out our Contact Form or via Chat Support. Since Warranty Periods may vary depending upon geographic region and product type, it is the responsibility of the consumer to check the exact Warranty Period that is printed on the carton. The transfer of warranty will not alter the original length of warranty available for the product in its geographic region. The product is used according to their intended usage, which is to power PC systems. Packages that arrive at our collection center without the clear marking of a valid RMA number may be returned to you at your own expense. Supported by a strong research and development team, Sea Sonic has been providing timely and professional solutions with cutting edge technologies to meet many of the IT industry’s requirements. I agree it sucks. Seasonic Malaysia. How long is the warranty for replacement units? The replaced or repaired product is covered by warranty for either the remainder of the initial warranty period or for ninety (90) days counted from the date of the replacement, depending on which one is longer. The strong competition in the IT industry gives us constant challenges, which strengthen our resolve to become and stay the best. with your power supply delivery for RMA processing. A valid Proof of Purchase (original purchase receipt) is required to invoke Seasonic's Warranty and it must detail the following information: If you have misplaced or lost the Proof of Purchase, please contact Seasonic directly via our Contact Form or Chat support. To register your warranty, please take some time to fill in the information below. Fans: 120mm Sleeve Bearing fan Main Connector: 20+4Pin +12V Rails: Single PCI-Express Connector: 4 x 6+2-Pin Model #: SSR-650GB3 Item #: N82E16817151228 Return Policy: International Order Return Policy It is important to thoroughly sort out the reason for a malfunction. A valid proof of purchase is required to initiate the warranty process even when the product is registered. The warranty period commences on the Date of Purchase and its length is defined by the specific model. If you have any questions, the fastest and most efficient way to contact the Seasonic Technical Support Team is by sending an email, by filling out our Contact Form or via Chat Support. Click on >> Free Delivery Section Dismiss. Among the best-selling collections from Seasonic are the # Focus+ Gx Series 80+ Gold Fully Modular Psu # [650W~1000W], # S12 Ii 430W/520W/620W - 80Plus Bronze Psu #, Focus Gx-650 120Mm Full Modular Power Supply Psu (650W, 80 Plus Gold and 10 Years Warranty). The manufacturer’s contact information can be found under Manufacturer Contact Info. Our mission is to continue to provide timely and professional solutions to meet the IT industry’s requirements and at the same time keep developing flexible solutions in the retail market segment. Seasonic PRIME 600 Titanium SSR-600TL 600W 80+ Titanium ATX12V & EPS12V Fanless Super Quiet 12 Year Warranty Power Supply .Seasonic PRIME FANLESS PX-450, 450W , Full Modular, ATX12V & EPS12V, True Fanless Design, Perfect Power Supply for situations that demand silence from the equipment. If you have obtained an RMA number, please be sure to let our support team know when you contact us so we can better assist you. 12 years (ALL PRIME units sold are upgraded to 12 years warranty. Together with our valued partners we are able to meet the precise needs of the various markets and industries around the world. 714 likes. When you shop with iPrice, you can get as much as 37% discount on all Seasonic products. Find the cheapest Seasonic price list in Philippines, compare specs, reviews, and more at iPrice! Seasonic | Power Supply for Computer JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. We regularly receive enthusiastic feedback from PC fans, over-clockers and gamers from every corner of the globe, which further fuels our commitment to keep searching for excellence in the international arena. The customer is responsible for paying the costs of shipping when returning their product(s) to Seasonic. Ltd is the Largest ICT Provider in Bangladesh buy original Seasonic Power Supply at best Price in Bangladesh. Since the establishment of Sea Sonic, continuous design improvements and advancements in production technology have inevitably led to the establishment of the Seasonic brand name. Please see more details below. Should I include the accessories and cables in the RMA return? Buy Sea Sonic S12II Series 520-Watt Power Supply online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail update. Seasonic is an internationally valued manufacturer of cutting-edge and reliable PC power supplies. You are advised to select a return shipping method that provides tracking information. The fully modular design allows you to connect the cables you need and store the rest for less cable clutter and improved airflow. However in certain cases a product may not perform as expected when installed. Sea Sonic assumes no liability, expressed or implied, for the use of this product or for any incidental damage(s) caused by the use of this product to other devices in a computer due to the failure of the product. Seasonic Philippines: One of the First Manufacturers of Power Supplies. FOR NORTH / CENTRAL / SOUTH AMERICA regions only: Please DO NOT send any cables or accessories (AC, DC cables, adapter, bags, etc.) Today the Seasonic name is the equivalent of high performance, excellence and reliability. 1. General warranty terms may vary between different geographic regions and individual product groups may have different warranty periods and terms. For customers from unsupported countries, please contact your local distributor; your application via the RMA Online Application Form will be rejected. If you are living in a country where the point of sales entity grants a shorter warranty period than what is stated in the Seasonic Worldwide Warranty Policy or what is printed on the packaging carton of your product, Seasonic will always grant you the longer period of time. During the past decades Sea Sonic has emerged as an industry leader in innovation to provide cutting edge technology in the manufacturing of power supplies. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide Seasonic their correct mailing address and to make sure that there is an authorized person at the destination to receive the replacement sent by Seasonic. If a product was undeliverable and it is returned to Seasonic, the Customer will be responsible to pay the costs of re-shipping. We are committed to deliver products with the highest standards of excellence and provide global support for our partners who require advanced solutions. For certain items sold on Newegg, warranty support beyond the Newegg return policy is provided by a third-party service provider, and not the product manufacturer. Seasonic. Seasonic rigorously test all its products to ensure optimum quality and reliability before shipping them to customers. The fully modular design allows you to connect the cables you need and store the rest for less cable clutter and improved airflow. To invoke your Seasonic warranty and start the RMA process in this instance, you must return your power supply to the original point of purchase or to a Sea Sonic office near you. Since its early beginnings the company has rigorously maintained its focus on the research, development and production of technologically advanced, high quality products. Intel Specifications: ATX12V/EPS12VDimensions: L160xW150xH86mmEfficiency:Energy Star5 Years Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty Seasonic M12II-620 Evo 80 Plus Bronze $450.00 If you need additional assistance, please contact Seasonic support. Use a traceable carrier for transport or a signed for service that provides you with a tracking number and proof of delivery. Visit us at 55 Serangoon North Ave 4 #09-01 Singapore 555859, Seasonic Focus GM-850, 850W 80+ Gold, Semi-Modular, Fits All ATX Systems, Fan Control in Silent and Cooling Mode, 7 Year Warranty, Perfect Power Supply for … Seasonic offers transferable warranty for new purchases made on or after September 1, 2012 as long as the product is in its original factory condition and retains all the original factory labels and stickers. During each product’s warranty period, Sea Sonic maintains the discretion to either repair the defective product or replace it with another one of equal or similar performance, provided that: The customer is responsible for paying the costs of shipping when returning their product(s) to Seasonic. Check out Sea Sonic S12II Series 520-Watt Power Supply reviews, ratings, features, specifications and browse more Seasonic products online at best prices on Amazon.in. The warranty period will vary by specific product. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Seasonic S12III 650 SSR-650GB3 650W 80+ Bronze, ATX12V & EPS12V, Direct Output, Smart & Silent Fan Control, 5 yr Warranty Power Supply. In response, I informed Mr. Han that the sales receipt was lost in a fire that consumed the duplex I was living/working in at the time (true story). … Note: Please check your spam folder regularly. Official Warranty. Autumn in Singapore. Seasonic actually produce the power supplies for a number of the more well known PC component retailers. How does Product Registration affect my RMA? Who should I contact in case of problems? The new owner will be requested to present the initial (original) purchase receipt to apply for Seasonic’s RMA services. This is our obligation to ourselves and to all our customers. In the event of any conflict or discrepency between the translated version of this warranty, the English version will at all times prevail and take precedence. For more information of cables and connectors, please visit the. Seasonic strongly advises its customers to use the cables that are provided in the packaging box of the power supply.

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